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      Love is full of Mid-Autumn Festival | Adams cares about employees, moon cakes show his passion!


      August and fifteen months are round, golden osmanthus blooms with the fragrance of cakes. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. In order to thank all the employees for their hard work, Adams and the leaders gave them holiday blessings and moon cake gift boxes symbolizing happy reunion. The scene was permeated with a cheerful and cheerful atmosphere, leaving a warm memory on this special day.

      Each moon cake gift box carries the deep care to each department, and carries the company's ardent care and encouragement to every employee. I hope that every employee can feel the true love and warm blessing from the company, and feel the warmth of the Adams family.

      After receiving this warm holiday gift, the staff’s hearty smiles and every "thank you" are filled with the taste of happiness.

      The development of Adams is inseparable from the long-term layout and foresight of the company's leaders, as well as the hard work of the family members who are struggling in the front line. May everyone unite closely on the Adams platform and work together to create new brilliance together. Finally, Adams sincerely wishes: Dear partners, all employees and their families, a happy family and a happy reunion!