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      Adams Pneumatic Support Rod | It's easy to flip up and down!


      Pneumatic support rod is one of the necessary hardware products to build cabinets, and the importance of cabinet doors can be imagined. Adams pneumatic support rods can meet the individual needs of users for starting, closing, and damping the cabinet door.

      Optional functions of Adams pneumatic support rod: support for the upturn door, stop for the upturn door at will, and buffer for the downturn door. Consumers can choose according to the cabinet design and actual needs.

      The components of Adams hydraulic support are relatively simple to install. Strictly adjust the labor saving device according to the weight and size of the panel, and the support door can be stably opened, closed or hovered up and down.

      Each pneumatic support rod is equipped with a high-quality pneumatic cylinder, which has good sealing performance, greatly improves the smoothness of operation, is durable, and opens and closes without damage.

      The high-strength metal mounting chassis has a large contact surface, a firmer installation and strong support. Thick material, not easy to rust inside, stable performance.

      Consumers don’t need to worry too much about rust, abrasion, deformation, and non-durability. Adams strictly controls the quality of products, so that every Adams pneumatic support rod can accompany every family for a long time.