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      Adams aluminum frame door hinges give furniture unique beauty


      In recent years, high-end furniture designs have been matched with different materials. Among them, the clever fusion of glass and aluminum frame door hinges is very popular. The situation in the cabinet is clear at a glance, and lighting can create an elegant and high-end home atmosphere.

      Adams aluminum frame door hinges are very rich in categories, which add aesthetic value to the furniture from the appearance. The hinge color can be flexibly selected according to the material, color and design of the cabinet. Light luxury style, Nordic style, etc. can be controlled, so that the furniture can be expanded. Splendid.

      Adams aluminum frame door hinge series

      Modern | Light Luxury | Simple

      The hinge details of the Adams aluminum frame door can withstand the test, and are automatically formed by continuous punching. A variety of hinge colors can match the dark furniture to show your taste. The two-layer anti-rust structure makes the aluminum frame door hinge more durable and bright as new.

      One opening and one closing can reflect the advantages of Adams aluminum frame door hinges. The design of 6 thick booster arms and more than 80,000 opening and closing tests make the opening and closing force of the hinge even, increase the load capacity of the hinge, and make the door heavier. Not afraid.

      The large damping cylinder of the Adams aluminum frame door hinge has a diameter of 9.5mm, which has sufficient oil and is smoother.

      The 10° small-angle secondary buffer function can effectively buffer the impact of closing the door, and the sound is softer.

      Stop at 85°, and open the door vigorously without fear of damaging the glass door frame. The service life of the whole cabinet door is prolonged.

      Installation efficiency is greatly improved, three-dimensional adjustment: left and right adjustment ±2mm, up and down adjustment ±2mm, front and rear adjustment -5mm, multi-position adjustment function, saving time and effort, one step in place.

      The accessories in the Adams aluminum frame door hinge are stamped into one piece, and plastic is wrapped in the fastener setting. The sensory experience is upgraded, and the details highlight the style.

      The cabinets, wardrobes and other furniture in your home can be handed over to us. A set of Adams's whole house custom functional hardware system can easily improve your quality of life between switches.