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      Defend the health of your family-Hinge of the King of Change


      After the completion of the new home, the purchase of kitchens, bathrooms, and cloakrooms is the top priority, but it is also a painstaking process. Most consumers no longer consider price as a priority factor for purchase, such as product characteristics and quality. , Environmental protection, etc. have become the focus of purchase. So have you selected the hardware products in the various cabinet doors of your home?

      Defend the health of your family

      Basically, every household has children and the elderly, so the hardware products chosen must be safe and environmentally friendly

      This is an environmentally friendly hinge

      No cyanide, the harm to the human body and the environment is reduced to a low level

      Adams adopts an innovative and revolutionary process-zinc-nickel alloy non-cyanide environmentally friendly electroplating

      This is in the fields of aerospace, military, and high-end automotive manufacturing

      Will use the zinc-nickel alloy non-cyanide environmentally friendly electroplating process

      Due to the extremely harsh environment in which the above products are used

      Great temperature changes, dry and humid coexist

      Therefore, the technical requirements for surface protection are high

      Now you can use it at home

      In extreme environments such as bathrooms and kitchens
      (The above scenarios are superior to the use environment of aerospace, military and other products)
      The performance of the King of Change is still stable

      Very quiet, no noise

      Come back from work at night, the family is asleep?

      Can I only open the cabinet door by tiptoe?

      Don't be afraid, set up a 9.5MM large cylinder design

      Sufficient oil, stable buffering, noise reduction and silence

      There will be no sound when the door is closed

      15° small angle start buffer

      Close it quietly without disturbing your dreams!

      Safe and durable, always with you every day

      An excellent hardware hinge can accompany us for decades

      Upgrading of Hinge's load-bearing capacity

      6 thickened laminations, not easy to break after repeated expansion and contraction

      More than 40,000 opening and closing tests

      168 hours of neutral salt spray test
      Excellent mechanical properties, rust and moisture resistance

      Long, long life

      Your cabinet door is guarded by the King of Change

      Don't be afraid to open the door hard

      Stop at any time after 85°

      Effectively avoid the door panel hitting the edge of the cabinet

      Safety performance is greatly improved

      Easy to install by yourself

      Want to replace environmentally friendly hardware hinges by yourself?

      Design a special quick-release buckle structure

      You can complete the assembly and disassembly of the King of Change with a light touch with your hand

      The unique new compass structure allows you to accurately adjust the position

      Larger adjustable space and faster installation

      Find the most comfortable position for the cabinet door

      With the improvement of people's living standards, more people begin to pay attention to health, and energy conservation and environmental protection have gradually become an important selling point for the entire industry. We suggest you: Replace the cabinet doors in your home with environmentally friendly hardware products, so that every detail in the home is comfortable and safe.