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      Defend the health of your family-Hinge of the King of Change

      Adams King of Change Environmental Protection Hardware Hinge...

      Love is full of Mid-Autumn Festival | Adams cares about employees, moon cakes show his passion!

      Adams sincerely wishes: Dear partners, all employees and their families, a happy family and a happy reunion!...

      Adams aluminum frame door hinges give furniture unique beauty

      A set of Adams whole house custom functional hardware system can easily improve your quality of life between switches....

      Adams Pneumatic Support Rod | It's easy to flip up and down!

      Adams pneumatic support rod is one of the necessary hardware products to build cabinets...

      Qixi Festival | Greetings to every Adams employee

      Adams thanks all employees for their hard work and contributions!...

      The King of Change-the power of environmentally friendly hardware!

      The use of Adams environmentally friendly hardware products throughout the house can invisibly bring protection to children and the elderly....

      Hand in hand in the Yangtze River Delta | Adams Zhejiang Factory Warehouse is officially launched!

      The whole house custom industry development analysis and Adams Zhejiang factory warehouse launch ceremony was a complete success!...

      New arrivals | Three-section damping hidden slide rail, renewed and upgraded!

      New product launch: Adams three-section damping hidden slide...
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